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Respite Care

We know first-hand how tiring and stressful it can be, caring for a beloved family member full time.  If you’re caring for someone with physical, emotional, mental health or dementia issues, you really need to take care of yourself too.  We can step in with respite care, to ensure you maintain your own health and well-being, so you can continue the amazing job you do, for as long as you’re needed. 

It may be a few hours, or a day off each week, a weekend for you to take yourself off for a break, or a week or so holiday.  Let us know what you need, and we’ll work with you to find the right package.

More Time for Care - Less Time for Admin

All our carers use state of the art PASS systems to access and update client notes.  Using an APP on their smartphone or tablet, carers sign in to a care call electronically, and download the client’s care plan and checklist of tasks for that visit.  Each item on the checklist must be completed before the carer signs out so nothing gets missed.

Paperwork is minimised, so carers spend their time caring for their client, rather than writing notes and filling in forms. PASS notes are accessible to clients and their families online, via secure password, giving you reassurance and the peace of mind of always knowing what’s happening, and confirmation that everything’s been done that should have been done.

24 Respite care – in your own home

Care homes offer full time, 24 hour respite care but this isn’t suitable for everyone.  For someone with dementia, or complex medical needs, a move away from the familiarity of home, no matter how short, can be distressing.  Let us find a live in carer to support your family member whilst you have a well-deserved break.